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Wash away impurities with the Artistry Signature Select™ Purifying Body Cleanser. This invigorating body wash strengthens your skin and helps Protect its vital moisture barrier. Purify and strengthen your skin with this gentle, non-irritating pH balanced body wash, which gets to work on hard-to-remove pollution micro-dust (PM 2.5) that can accelerate the skin’s ageing process.
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Artistry Signature Select™ Purifying Body Cleanser is an invigorating pH balanced body wash that cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling soft yet strong.

What It Does For You

  • Cleanses sweat, dirt and hard-to-remove pollution micro-dust (PM 2.5) that can accelerate the skin’s ageing process.
  • Helps protect your skin’s vital moisture barrier and helps defend against dryness.
  • Helps maintain the skin’s natural pH level.
  • Leaves skin clean and healthy looking.
  • Proactively strengthens the skin.
  • Surrounds you with an uplifting fruity fragrance.

Why You Would Like It

Purify, cleanse, soften and strengthen the skin with every use, with the Artistry Signature Select Purifying Body Cleanser. Ultra-fine particulates of pollution known as micro-dust, and other external factors can damage your skin’s appearance and speed up premature ageing. This body wash’s rich, refreshing lather gently strips away pollution particles and other impurities such as dirt and sweat.

With its uplifting, bright and fruity fragrance, Purifying Body Cleanser will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated throughout the day.

Top notes: Pink Grapefruit, Orange
Mid note: Red Fruit, Peach and Maguet
Base note: Musk and Blonde Woods

Combine this Body Cleanser with other products from the Artistry Signature Select Body collection for a truly personalised skincare routine.

Facts For You

  • Developed with over 50 years of Artistry™ research in skin health, involving international scientific advisors in dermatology.
  • Backed by over 85 years of Nutrilite™ research in botanicals.
  • Enriched with Nutrilite-sourced Citrus Extract.
  • Nutrilite farms use sustainable farming methods, which are thought to generate strong and vigorous plants.
  • Suitable for all skin types.