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Variable temperature kettle for fast, easy and enjoyable tea and hot drink preparation at multiple preset temperatures, with in-built safety features for total peace of mind.
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Variable temperature kettle for fast, easy and enjoyable tea and hot drink preparation at multiple preset temperatures, with in-built safety features for total peace of mind.

What It Does For You

  • Choose from multiple temperature settings (100C, 90C, 80C and 40C)

  • Boils a full kettle (1,5L) of water in only 6 minutes

  • No plastic touches the water, the kettle boils water free of potential contaminants

  • Operates at the touch of a button

  • Double-wall anti-scald cool-touch exterior

  • Features a useful keep-warm function

  • The audible alert indicates the start of work, and informs when the perfect temperature has been reached.

  • Hot drinks at the perfect temperature, every time!

Why You Would Like It

Technology meets elegance – a sophisticated and stylish device for the modern kitchen. Beautifully designed and elegantly presented, this touch-control variable temperature kettle features a cool-touch plastic exterior, safety auto shutoff and a handy keep warm function to hold the temperature for up to 90 minutes.  Choose from a variety of temperature settings – 100C for black tea, 80C for green and white tea, 90C for coffee, 40C for warm drinking water – to make your favourite drinks taste great.   The kettle has been designed to ensure that no plastic touches the water at any time, safeguarding the water from potential contamination.  Packed with quality materials and sophisticated technology.

Facts For You

  • No plastic touches the water- all interior surfaces are made of food-grade stainless steel.
  • Water level lines in the interior of the kettle eliminate the need for a window on the exterior, so no plastic or glue comes into contact with the water, while the stainless steel seamless interior prevents water leakage.
  • Stainless steel kettle interior with cool-touch plastic exterior – double wall system made from quality BPA-free polypropylene material, for an anti-scald plastic exterior that remains cool to the touch.
  • As a study by the German public broadcaster NDR showed, some plastic kettles are suspected to potentially release microplastics when heated. Four plastic water kettles and one glass water kettle were part of the test. In all samples from the four plastic water kettles, the content of tiny particles increased significantly – up to 30.000 particles per ml, not so in the glass kettle where hardly any particles were found. Experts assume that these particles are microplastics to a high degree. Publication September 2018 ().


Key Features

  • Digital touch control panel to select temperature (40, 80, 90 and 100 degrees C), and “Keep Warm” function.

  • Real-time temperature readout.

  • Anti-scald cool touch exterior.

  • Auto shut off, boil dry and overheat protection.

  • The interior of the kettle made of stainless steel – no plastic touches the water.

  • Quiet operation.

  • 360-degree swivel power base with power cord storage.

  • Non-slip ergonomic handle for both left and right-handed users.

  • Generous 1.5L capacity – boil water for multiple hot drinks at once in only 6 minutes

  • 1800W

How To Use

  • Fill the kettle with cold water to the required level, using the marking on the interior to measure the amount
  • Use the touch panel to select the temperature you require and to start the kettle boiling
  • Wait for the audible indicator that the water has reached the required temperature and pour
  • Use the keep-warm function to hold the water temperature at the same level for up to 90 minutes


Electric Kettle with digital temperature control TECHNICAL INFORMATION Voltage/Frequency /Rated power: AC 220-240 V / ~50/60 Hz / 1500-1800 W Product capacity: 1.5 L FEATURES The electric kettle comes with power base and cleaning fabricc cloth. For more information please refer to the User’s Manual.