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Get professional grade skincare treatment at home with Dermasonic Device Artistry™! Achieve an effective skincare routine with professional level skincare treatment at home with Artistry Dermasonic Device.
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Artistry™ DERMASONIC deeply cleanses pores using 30,000 Hz ultrasonic vibrations, while powerful Derma Ion Galvanic massages skincare ingredients deep into the skin.

What It Does For You

  • Artistry Dermasonic Device comes with two detachable heads: Ultrasonic Blade andDerma Ion Galvanic head.
  • Ultrasonic blade produces ultrasonic vibrations that create bubble jets which penetrate deep into skin’s pores to cleanse blackheads, make-up residue and waste.
  • Derma Ion Galvanic stimulates and massages the skin at a micro-level to achieve a great penetration of the Artistry products.
  • There are 6 modes of Derma Ion Galvanic available:

1.  Lift mode for lifting

2.  Wrinkle mode for anti-wrinkle

3.  Vitamin C mode for enhanced penetration of active ingredients of vitamin C

4.  Hydrate mode for increased skin moisture

5.  Radiant mode for improved skin tone

6. Signature Select mode – special vibration pattern for use with Artistry Signature SelectTM Personalized Serum Combinations

Why You Would Like It

You probably know that skin’s protective film plays a special role, protecting the skin from external influences and simultaneously preventing nutritional content from escaping through the skin. What you probably do not know is that because of this skin does not absorb cosmetics content after use – in reality the content only penetrates the skin’s surface. We have a solution for that! Dermasonic Device Artistry prepares the skin for skincare products by using 30,000 Hz ultrasonic vibration, which deeply cleanses pores with bubble jets. Thanks to the powerful Derma Ion Galvanic stimulation and massage, skincare ingredients are delivered deep into the skin, thus bringing out the ultimate benefits.

Facts For You

  • The ultrasonic blade produces 30000 Hz ultrasonic vibrations, which equals 30000 vibrations per second – creating bubble jets which flush the water into pores, deeply cleaning out impurities go out.
  • Derma Ion Galvanic stimulates & massages the skin in a micro-level for a deep penetration of the serums.