New AMWAY promotion programme START

The promotional programme START is aimed at buyers of AMWAY products

The new promotional programme AMWAY STAR starts on 1 June.  It is an exclusive initiative to help new Amway entrepreneurs enjoy a successful start.

What is the START programme?

The START programme is an promotional programme to help new AMWAs (with MEMBER+ status) in their first four months and beyond.

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START programme


Free registration. If the customer makes a first purchase of at least 50 PV, they can register for free.

Monthly vouchers. Collect PV points for each order and receive START vouchers based on your monthly PPV (Personal Points Value). These vouchers will give you significant discounts so you can experience Amway’s unrivalled range of products while growing your business.

How are AMWAY coupons used?

Personal START vouchers are worth €20. In one month, a new AVS* can earn a maximum of 4 vouchers to spend the following month. This means that he can choose the products that best suit his preferences and business needs.

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START programme