Boost your skin’s regeneration process, from the outside in and inside out with the Artistry™ Holistic Beauty Solution.

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Did you know that it takes on average 28 days for skin to regenerate? And, as skin becomes more mature, regeneration takes longer.

Skin regeneration is the process of replacing surface skin cells with new ones. Its effectiveness is key to healthy-looking and radiant skin.
Now you have a holistic solution that boosts your skin regeneration and is the one answer to your foundational skincare needs. Artistry Holistic Beauty Solution covers the key steps in your daily face and body skin routine and provides extra support from the outside in and inside out to help you achieve healthy-looking and radiant skin.

You can choose from three different options, according to the skin needs:

Fresh, dewy look to support youthful-looking skin.
Order No. 320868

Nourish and firm up skin to help address first signs of ageing.
Order No. 320871

Brighten up and support skin against advanced signs of ageing.
Order No. 320874

Every solution includes:

• Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Mini-Set: Your essential daily cleansing, toning and hydrating routine, featuring products that work like supplements for your skin.
• Artistry Skin Nutrition Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum: Vitamin C, antioxidants, and 3 types of hyaluronic acid to brighten up and plump your skin.
• Nutrilite™ Biotin C Plus: To support skin from within with biotin and vitamin C , as well as providing collagen.
• Artistry Signature Select™ Masks & Lotions: To address specific needs while pampering your skin.


• NEW Artistry Face and Body Massage Set: To energise, promote better circulation, and help massage in products while relieving tension. The set is packaged in an elegant box with magnetic closure.
• NEW Artistry Pouch: Made from cotton canvas and the perfect size (23×30 cm) to carry your favourite beauty essentials wherever you go.

Discover the new Face & Body Massage Set

The Artistry Face and Body Massage Set includes a Jade Roller and a Gua Sha made of natural quartzite jade. These must-have beauty tools help to stimulate circulation and massage with key skincare ingredients, while providing a stress-relieving experience and leaving skin looking and feeling toned and energised. The Jade Roller is intended for use on the face and neck, while the Gua Sha stone can be used on the face and body. Look out for the QR code on the set’s packaging to find a dedicated product page with tutorial video

Available from November 6th, 2023