10 euro gift voucher for AMWAY products

For current and future NamaMama.pl clients we give a 10 gift voucher*. 

Do you want to receive a voucher? 

Contact me NamaMama.lt@gmail.com

The voucher must be used by the 28th of each month.  By the way, the number of coupons is limited. 

More AMWAY products here.

*Additional conditions apply.

amway gift voucher

Pricing: the wholesale price

Registration: 10,80 €*

How it benefits you:

  • Gain easy and fast access 24/7 to high quality products for everyday use.
  • Earn additional income with a low-risk, low-cost business model.
  • Find a better work-life balance
  • Choose to grow your business full time or part time.
  • Receive support via mentorship, training tools and apps.
  • Expand your customer base thanks to a convenient online shopping experience.
  • Free delivery for the orders over 72 €.
  • Delivery Fee 3,70 € – 4,40 €.

Amway offers start-up discounts for newly registered customers if the first order is placed during 10 days after registration:

  • Free registration if value of the first order is 100 PV and more (~ 200 €).
  • 15% discount if the value of the first order is 200 PV – 300 PV additional to free registration.
  • Gift coupons for the purchase of the next month.

* Take advantage of a special offer and chose the most convenient way to know more about it:

1. By phone +37069531661

2. Through Facebook messenger 

Registered customer

Pricing: +10 %

Registration: free

How it benefits you:

  • Free registration.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions
  • Connect with an Amway Business Owner for personal advice and
  • Free delivery for the orders over 49 €.

  • Delivery Fee 3,70 € – 4,40 €


Pricing: +25 %

Registration: unnecessary

How it benefits you:

  • No registration

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