AMWAY gifts – a set of recycled outdoor bags

Would you like to receive such gifts as AMWAY recycled outdoor bags?

Buy NUTRILITE vitamins and supplements for 60 PV and enjoy the gifts! After all, summer is coming, you will go to picnics, so the set of bags will be very useful for stacking things. Also, if you care about ecology, these AMWAY bags will double as they are made of redesigned material.

The promotion is valid for all Nurilite products, except for Proteins!

Bodykey and Truvivity products and accessories are not included in the promotion.

The promotion is valid from 3rd of June until the goods will run out.

How to buy? You have to register on the AMWAY page using the link. You can register as a Member + or Customer. You can see the price difference between the different memberships here

If you have any questions about registration on the AMWAY website, membership, products, you can contact by phone +37069531661

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